We now have our new Flutelope in stock with more in transit to cope with the unbelievable sales of this product.

The Flutelope only contains paper and glue, unlike some other products that have added plastic to make the product waterproof and still sell the product as environmentally friendly.


The next range of plastic free bags are on the way, samples will shortly be available and these will be called Combelope, giving even greater protection.

The Combelope light will be in stock first, shortly followed by the standard double-layered Combelope. Both products will available from January 2020.

The Flutelope and Combelope will also be available in colours.

Plastic is recyclable but regrettably the UK does not have the facilities to recycle at present, so plastic remains environmentally unfriendly.

Manufacturers of bubble bags have for many years only sealed bubble to paper on the seams to ease the separation of the paper and plastic, but this is of little use if we cannot recycle the plastic and the paper is coated to ensure it is waterproof.

The message is to be wary of all claims of environmentally friendly especially biodegradable and compostable where we may be creating an even bigger problem with toxic gases.

Please ask for samples of Flutelopes and Combelopes and draw your own conclusion.