Choosing the right Envelope Size for Wedding Invitations.

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Along with the preparation for your wedding, one of the most important things to do is to get the invitations to the people you want to share your special day.

 It can be confusing, wondering which size invitations fit in which size envelope, what size of envelope is the most popular for wedding invitations, do you need to include a second envelope for your guests to reply? What size should the second envelope be?  

Let’s look below to find out the answer to all these questions.

 Is there a Standard Sized Envelope for Wedding Invitations? The most popular and traditional sized envelopes for a wedding invitation is a 114 x 162 mm(C6) or 162 x 229 mm(C5) taking a rectangular card. You might also like to consider a square envelope in 140 x 140mm or 155 x 155mm.

 If you pick a very small envelope it may not comply with postal regulations and your invitation may not arrive.

 Always check the weight and size of your outer envelope as you or your guest could incur extra postal charges for just going a mm or gram outside regulations.

 In many countries, it is traditional to deliver wedding invites by hand so weight and size is not a problem.

Can I Buy Any Envelope Size for My Wedding Invitations?

Getting creative with the size of your invitation cards is easy as they can be cut to any size, however, be aware that envelopes are made in a limited number of sizes.

 Make sure that before you select your invitation cards that there is an envelope to fit. Custom made envelopes are very difficult to obtain and are generally made to order in very large quantities.

How to Choose the Correct Envelope Size

You want your invitation to arrive at your guests looking as it left you so make sure you choose an envelope ideally 5mm larger on each side but this may vary by a mm or two.

 Remember a C6 envelope 114 x 162mm takes an A6 card insert 105 x 149mm approximately.

 If you are using an A5 piece of card and folding on the long side you will require a C6 envelope for the folded insert.

 Standard C Envelope sizes

  • C7 Envelopes -   82 x 113mm
  • C6 Envelopes -  114 x 162mm
  • C5 Envelopes -  162 x 229mm
  • C4 Envelopes -  229 x 324mm

How Many Envelopes Do I Need for My  Wedding Invitations?

When preparing your wedding invitation, a nice touch is to use TWO envelopes. The outer-outer envelope is for the postal service and the inner envelope is for your guests reply and can be pre-addressed. Some people also include a third envelope for guests to store the wedding details.


Most wedding envelopes are cream or white but many people like to have a theme colour.


It is traditional to use gummed diamond flap envelope but more people are using peel and seal rather than lick lots of envelopes.

You should only use an envelope for weddings with the flap on the long edge.

The envelope should not have a commercial opaque on the inside.


We hope this article has been informative in helping you decide on the envelopes for your wedding invitations. Don’t forget to check out the wedding envelope options available on our website for some pretty envelopes to make a statement and deliver your special news in style.