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  • 133x184mm Fleck Wallet Gummed Diamond Flap 125gsm  Envelopes
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    Product Code B03133
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    Recycled Fleck Kraft 133 x 184mm Envelopes
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    Product Code B02133
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    133x184mm Brown Ribbed Wallet Gummed Plain 100gsm Wove Envelopes
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    Product Code A01133
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    133x184mm White Laid Wallet Gummed Plain 100gsm Envelopes
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    Product Code H08133
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    133x184mm Metallic Silver Wallet Gummed Plain 100gsm Wove Envelopes
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    Product Code E05133
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    133x184mm Oyster Lustre Wallet Gummed Plain 90gsm Wove Envelopes
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    Product Code G07133
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    133x184mm Metallic Gold Wallet Gummed Plain 100gsm Wove Envelopes
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    Product Code D04133
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    133x184mm Dark Grey Wallet V Flap Gummed Plain 120gsm Envelopes
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    Product Code DGREY133
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    133 x 184mm Envelopes

    Browse our huge range of 133 x 184mm envelopes that are designed to fit 5x7 inch greeting cards. We stock all styles and colours in our 5 x 7 envelope range so your sure to find an option for all occasions.