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  • C3 Envelopes

    450x324mm C3 Manilla Pocket Basketweave 115gsm Gummed Envelopes
    €0.59excl. VAT€0.73 incl. VAT
    Product Code 735
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    Stock Level 0
    450x324mm C3 White Pocket Peel & Seal 120gsm Wove Opaque Envelopes
    €0.65excl. VAT€0.80 incl. VAT
    Product Code 738
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    Stock Level 12650
    C3 White Board Back Envelopes 457 x 324mm
    €1.07excl. VAT€1.32 incl. VAT
    Product Code HB457W
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    Stock Level 2649
    457 x 324mm Manilla Board Back Envelopes - Please Do Not Bend
    €1.27excl. VAT€1.56 incl. VAT
    Product Code HB457M
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    Stock Level 4980
    C3 White All Board Envelopes 457x330mm
    €1.35excl. VAT€1.66 incl. VAT
    Product Code AB17-RIP
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    Stock Level 1426
    450mm X 320mm Black Paper Bubble Bag Peel & Seal
    €1.81excl. VAT€2.23 incl. VAT
    Product Code CP450B
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    Stock Level 18474
    450x320 Silver Metallic Gloss Foil Bubble Bag Peel & Seal
    €2.69excl. VAT€3.31 incl. VAT
    Product Code MB450S
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    Stock Level 3135
    C3 Green All Board Envelopes 457x330mm
    €3.19excl. VAT€3.92 incl. VAT
    Product Code BE457GR
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    Stock Level 297
    450x320 Black Metallic Gloss Foil Bubble Bag Peel & Seal
    €3.50excl. VAT€4.31 incl. VAT
    Product Code MB450B
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    Stock Level 613
    450x320 Black Metallic Matt Foil Bubble Bag Peel & Seal
    €4.22excl. VAT€5.19 incl. VAT
    Product Code MM450B
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    Stock Level 1512
    450x320 Silver Metallic Matt Foil Bubble Bag Peel & Seal
    €4.47excl. VAT€5.50 incl. VAT
    Product Code MM450S
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    Stock Level 3766
    C3 Envelopes

    Our range of large C3 envelopes fit A3 paper without folding it and are available in all colour and style options to fit every occasion.