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  • Recycled White Envelopes
    €500,000.00excl. VAT€615,000.00 incl. VAT
    Available in 1 colours, 9 sizes
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    Recycled Fleck Kraft 70 x 100mm Envelopes
    €0.25excl. VAT€0.31 incl. VAT
    Product Code B0270100
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    Recycled Fleck Kraft 116mm Square Envelopes
    €0.30excl. VAT€0.37 incl. VAT
    Product Code B02116
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    Stock Level 37942
    Recycled Fleck Kraft 140mm Square Envelopes
    €0.20excl. VAT€0.25 incl. VAT
    Product Code B02140
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    Recycled Fleck Kraft 125 x 175mm Envelopes
    €0.38excl. VAT€0.47 incl. VAT
    Product Code B02125
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    DL Recycled Fleck Kraft Envelopes
    €0.22excl. VAT€0.27 incl. VAT
    Product Code B02DL
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    C6 Recycled Fleck Kraft Envelopes
    €0.19excl. VAT€0.23 incl. VAT
    Product Code B02C6
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    C5 Recycled Fleck Kraft Envelopes
    €0.33excl. VAT€0.41 incl. VAT
    Product Code B02C5
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    C7 Recycled Fleck Kraft Envelopes
    €0.23excl. VAT€0.28 incl. VAT
    Product Code B0282
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    Fleck Kraft 62 x 94mm Envelopes
    €0.17excl. VAT€0.21 incl. VAT
    Product Code B0262
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    Recycled Fleck Kraft 155mm Square Envelopes
    €0.19excl. VAT€0.23 incl. VAT
    Product Code B02155
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    Recycled Fleck Kraft 133 x 184mm Envelopes
    €0.18excl. VAT€0.22 incl. VAT
    Product Code B02133
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    Recycled Fleck Kraft 130mm Square Envelopes
    €0.23excl. VAT€0.28 incl. VAT
    Product Code B02130
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    Recycled Envelopes

    Our recycled envelopes are environmentally friendly and have been made from recovered waste materials, available in a wide range of sizes. The perfect choice to help you do your part in maintaining a more sustainable, circular economy. Made entirely from recycled paper, these envelopes have a smaller impact on the earth without compromising on quality