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  • Book Wrap Mailers

    147 x 126 + 60mm Manilla Book Wrap Mailers
    €1.01excl. VAT€1.24 incl. VAT
    Product Code EP02001
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    Stock Level 5609
    C2 Book Wrap Mailer (251 mm x 165 mm)
    €1.11excl. VAT€1.37 incl. VAT
    Product Code EP02004
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    Stock Level 1274
    C1 Book Wrap Mailer (217 mm x 155 mm)
    €1.14excl. VAT€1.40 incl. VAT
    Product Code EP02002
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    Stock Level 395
    270 x 190 + 80mm Manilla Book Wrap Mailers
    €1.36excl. VAT€1.67 incl. VAT
    Product Code EP02006
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    Stock Level 8818
    C3 Book Wrap Mailer (302 mm x 215 mm)
    €1.71excl. VAT€2.10 incl. VAT
    Product Code EP02008
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    Stock Level 770
    Book Wrap Mailers

    You can use our book wraps for many different things – not just for books! They are an ideal mailing solution for notepads, games, DVD’s and much more. Our environmentally friendly book wrap mailers are made from 400gsm corrugated cardboard and offer excellent protection to your items in the post.