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Postal Packaging Supplies

Postal Packaging Supplies

Supplying envelopes and postal packaging to businesses in Ireland is our passion. We stock a variety of shapes, sizes, flat types and seals in the form of book wrap mailers, all board mailers, cardboard boxes, padded mailing envelopes and much more. Our aim is to ensure your business is supplied with what you need, when you need it and we strive to make sure the price is right too.

Discover Top-Quality Postal Packaging at Unbeatable Prices! We're dedicated to delivering the finest products that combine superior quality with affordability. Our commitment to excellence ensures you get postal packaging solutions that you can rely on with complete peace of mind. Say goodbye to worries and welcome efficiency as you entrust your packaging needs to us.

Cardboard Mailers

Protect your flat or thin items with our strong, durable environmentally friendly cardboard mailers.

Book Mailers

Perfect for mailing books, brochures, DVDs and more safely with our strong & durable book mailers.

Book Wrap Mailers

Easy wrap around and adjustable protection for books & other bulky contents.

Calendar Envelopes

Our heavy weight range of calendar envelopes features all sizes from slim to square.

Documents Enclosed Wallets

Send important documents securely and safely with our document enclosed wallets & envelopes.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes offer a lightweight yet sturdy solution for shipping and storing various items.

Padded Mailing Envelopes

Huge range of padded envelopes in all sizes and styles to protect your contents. Eco friendly options available.

Bubble Bags

Our unbranded protective bubble bag envelopes are available in all colours, sizes & styles.

Board Envelopes

Huge range of strong & protective board envelopes for sending important documents, certificates, photos & more.

Foil Bags

Fancy coloured foil bags available in all sizes. Perfect for use as postal mailing sacks.


Eco friendly biodegradable lightweight mailers featuring a corrugated Kraft inner to cushion your product.


Plastic-free protective paper padded bags that are fully recyclable, compostable, biodegradable & vegan-friendly.


Our self adhesive sticky labels are blank so you can write or print onto making them multipurpose for any application.

Gift Boxes - Pillow Boxes

Stylish small gift boxes perfect for jewellery, wedding favours, small items & more. Available in an array of colours

We hold a vast range of cardboard packaging supplies for all your packaging needs in either small quantities or large. Our range of bubble bags, cardboard mailers, gift boxes, labels, sturdy board envelopes, book mailers, e-commerce packaging, food packaging and more can be bought online by the unit at wholesale prices meaning whether you want 1 or 10,000, we can help.

Sustainable Packaging

Being an environmentally conscious business, we have developed an industry leading range of eco friendly packaging. These environmentally friendly packaging solutions do not comporimise on quality while still being a green alternative to traditional packaging supplies.