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  • Tear Resistant Envelopes

    330x250mm Tyvek Pocket Peel & Seal Plain 55gsm Wove Envelopes
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    250x176x38mm Tyvek Gusset Pocket Peel & Seal Plain 55gsm Wove Envelopes
    €1.80excl. VAT€2.21 incl. VAT
    Product Code 1015
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    Tear Resistant Envelopes

    Tear-Resistant Tyvek Envelopes: Protect Your Documents

    Are you tired of receiving damaged documents in the post? Our tear-resistant Tyvek envelopes are the solution you've been looking for. Made from durable Tyvek material, these envelopes offer unparalleled protection for your important papers.

    Benefits of Tear-Resistant Tyvek Envelopes:

    • Superior tear resistance: Our Tyvek envelopes are designed to withstand the toughest handling, ensuring that your documents arrive intact.
    • Waterproof: Don't let rain or spills ruin your important papers. Our tear-resistant Tyvek envelopes are waterproof, providing an extra layer of protection.
    • Lightweight and flexible: Despite their strength, Tyvek envelopes are lightweight and flexible, making them easy to handle and post.
    • Secure and tamper-evident: The tear-resistant nature of Tyvek ensures that any attempt to tamper with the envelope will be immediately noticeable.

    Order Your Tear-Resistant Tyvek Envelopes Today:

    Protect your important documents during transit with our tear-resistant Tyvek envelopes. Place your order today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your papers will arrive in pristine condition.